Services & Pricing


Initial Complete Consultation


This visit is for patients who are familiar with medical cannabis and are seeking a convenient method of consultation. This visit will consist of discussing your medical history, present symptoms, and a physical examination. Dr. Wong will discuss your recommendations and treatment plan. Your personal information and dosage recommendations will be placed into the Florida Registry. Once you are approved by the Registry, you will be ready to purchase your treatment from the licensed dispensaries

Initial Visit, then First Follow-up Visit

$200 + $100

This option is for patients who wish for more guidance and time to discuss their treatment plan. In the Initial Visit, Dr. Wong will review your medical history, current symptoms, and perform the physical examination. Your personal information will be put into the Registry, so you may place your application to the state.

Once you have been approved by the state in 2-3 weeks, the First Follow-up Visit will be arranged. In this second visit, Dr. Wong will discuss your recommendations and treatment plan, place the certification and orders into the Registry. Then, you will be ready to purchase your treatment products from the licensed dispensaries.


Recertification Visit


As required by the state, the doctor must see the patient in person to reassess if a patient is still qualified every 30 weeks. In this visit, Dr. Wong will discuss the current regimen and symptom response, perform a physical exam, and review the Florida Informed Consent. Then, the order recommendations will be placed for the next certification period.

Home visits 

Home visits are offered for additional cost. Please call to inquire for further details and scheduling.

We accept cash, debit or credit card as payment on the day of service. Insurance is not accepted.