Large Acrylic Gator Bin


Gatorbins are the perfect place to keep all your flower, concentrates, vape supplies, pre-rolls, cones, grinder, and other cannabis implements in one place. The boxes are designed to be contemporary, striking, and beautiful, as well as very utilitarian and functional. The boxes have mirrors on the inside lid and a rubber seal on the top of the box where they quietly close and keep smells in. They have removable felt pad in the bottom of the box for easy cleaning and soundless operation. They even have feet to avoid scratching or getting scratched. They are a nice weight and will not be knocked over easily.

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    Product Description

    The clean and simple design of the super high-quality acrylic Gatorbin was inspired by the classic shoe box. Gatorbins are painstakingly made by hand, which is how they have their perfect 90- degree angles. They come in two sizes and are totally opaque. In fact, they are reflective. Gatorbins can also be imprinted or engraved. They are packed in cardboard with foam for easy shipping and can even be drop shipped to your customers from our factory.

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