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As medical marijuana treatment continues to grow in mainstream popularity, many questions may arise concerning its effectiveness and usefulness. When a new medical treatment is introduced, it is only natural to greet it with uncertainty. Here at Medverde, we want to provide people with accurate and helpful information regarding medical marijuana treatment. If you have a specific media request for a medical marijuana news story or would like to feature Dr. Wong in a podcast, please contact us here.

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Pediatric Medical Cannabis: Discussing medical cannabis treatment options for children.

Children And Medical Marijuana​

by Dr. Ann-Marie Wong

Children and cannabis are two things parents have fought for generations to keep apart. However, in recent years, studies have shown the increased medical benefits of CBD and medical marijuana that cannot be ignored, specifically when it comes to children’s health. Medical marijuana in the news often depicts the elderly benefiting from use, but few have covered how children with debilitating illnesses can benefit from medical marijuana use.

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How CBD is helping autistic children.


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Some of the most common questions regarding Medical Marijuana and how to receive a recommendation are answered on this page. If you still have unanswered questions, contact us and speak to a certified physician.

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