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We all know how this goes. We set intentions for the New Year, only to find that within the first few weeks we are already falling short of them. How can we set ourselves up for success and what does that success look like for each of us? I like to tell my patients to start small by putting their health first. Whether that means taking small steps toward their goals, scheduling time for themselves, or incorporating CBD into their lifestyle, this approach shows a multitude of benefits.

Establish Reasonable and Small Victories

Lose 10 lbs, start a strict diet, or join a gym. These are all BIG commitments. Instead, start by setting small goals. Even though I support getting healthy, I also support building an achievable plan and taking things day by day. For many of my clients looking to focus on their wellness, I like to take a look at their daily schedule first. What do they actually need to do to improve their health? Most of the time it’s small things like taking five minutes to stretch when they wake up, going for a walk outside, or listening to some music or their favorite podcast in the driveway before entering their house. Oftentimes, my clients who are mothers just need a moment to themselves.

Also, don’t be ashamed to ask for help. In so many conversations, patients feel inadequate in asking for help, women especially. We could all benefit from some help every so often, even when taking care of our health. Whether it’s CBD products or meditation, I am here to help you achieve these small victories.

The Buddy System Works

Holding yourself accountable may be a resolution in itself. Many people find they are more successful when they have support, and I see this with many of my clients too. Having a friend to help you stay focused is definitely a game changer. You can each set individual goals and keep each other motivated. A partner will also be more likely to hold you accountable, so you are 40% more likely to succeed. Plus, you’ll have fun while doing it!

Add Time to Your Calendar

Alexa, Siri, Google, iCal. The ease of scheduling things today can help eliminate stress. So why not carve time out of your day for yourself, even if it’s just 15 minutes? Add this time to your calendar daily, or at least every other day. This is also a great time to make appointments with your healthcare providers. Understanding what your body needs and taking the time to address it will provide you with the most health benefits. Take care of your body and your mind with our CBD products.

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