Hemp Gummy Products vs. Gummies With CBD

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If you’ve spent any time in supplement stores or shopping online, you’ve probably noticed that there are hemp gummy products and cannabidiol (CBD) gummy products. Like many consumers, you may have even purchased hemp gummies thinking that you were getting the gummies with CBD. But while each of these types of gummy products has its merits, they are not the same thing, and are not useful for the same purposes.

CBD vs. Hemp Gummy — An Overview

Hemp-based supplements are commonly derived from three parts of the hemp plant: the flowers, the leaves, and the seeds. Hemp gummies are traditionally made from hemp seeds, while CBD gummies are made from flowers and leaves.

This is an important distinction because the flowers and leaves are where you would find the cannabinoids (active compounds) like CBD. The resinous flowers are especially rich in cannabinoids. Seeds, on the other hand, contain no cannabinoid content. So purchasing a hemp gummy product is similar to purchasing a bottle of hemp seed oil—great nutritional benefits, but no CBD.

Whether the manufacturer uses hemp seeds or buds, the extraction process is very similar. The desired compounds are pulled from the plant and infused into a gummy base, usually gelatin but sometimes an alternative plant-based carrier like fruit pectin. The gummies are then sweetened with sugar as well as flavoring agents.

The Benefits of Hemp Gummy Products

Hemp gummies are made from hemp seeds. The seeds are typically extracted through a cold-press mechanical extraction process that doesn’t require the use of solvents. For manufacturers and processors, hemp seed extraction is usually much more cost-effective than CBD extraction, as CBD extraction usually requires costly closed-loop extraction equipment with the help of a solvent.

The primary benefit of hemp seeds is that they’re loaded with omega-3 fatty acids. That’s why they’re popular among people seeking support for cardiovascular health. Hemp gummy products are also rich in vitamins, trace minerals, and antioxidants, making great all-around nutritional supplements.

Here are just a few other possible benefits of hemp gummy products:

  • Inflammation support: A large body of research suggests that omega-3 fatty acids can keep inflammation at bay. While much of the research focuses on omega-3s in general (and not hemp seeds), hemp seed oil is one of your best sources of omega-3s.
  • Healthy skin: Studies involving hemp oil have shown promise for a variety of common skin conditions, including acne and eczema. The omega-3 content may also play a role.
  • Bacterial infection support: Though research here is still limited, one study concluded that hemp seed oil exhibits significant antibacterial properties.

So while a hemp gummy should never be confused with a CBD gummy, these products do appear to offer some notable benefits.

The Benefits of Gummies With CBD

A bottle of gummies with CBD

CBD gummies are made from the flowers and—to a lesser extent—the leaves. The hemp flowers are rich in trichomes, sticky glands that contain over 100 cannabinoids. To extract these cannabinoids, processors typically rely on dissolution. The flowers are placed into an extraction chamber, and a solvent—usually ethanol or supercritical CO2—passes over them to dissolve the plant material, leaving only the cannabinoid-rich resin behind. The resin is then collected, subjected to post-processing, and infused into gummies.

There are three main types of CBD gummies: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate.

  • Full-spectrum gummies contain all the cannabinoids from the hemp plant, including CBD, as well as CBN, CBG, and trace amounts of the psychoactive compound THC (by law, hemp can contain as much as .3% THC, which isn’t enough to trigger a psychotropic effect in the body).
  • Broad-spectrum gummies contain all the cannabinoids except for THC. If you’re subjected to drug testing or just looking to avoid all traces of THC, you might want to opt for a product in which the THC has been removed.
  • CBD-isolate gummies contain only CBD and no other cannabinoids. This may be a good choice if you want just the benefits of cannabidiol.

While research is ongoing, gummies with CBD may show promise for some of the following conditions:

So while hemp gummy products may offer nutritional and skincare benefits, gummies with CBD may have broader implications for an array of chronic health conditions. More research is still needed.

CBD vs. Hemp Gummy — Which Is Right for You?

If you’re looking for nutritional supplementation, hemp gummies may be the better choice. If you struggle with a common health condition like anxiety, pain, or trouble sleeping, you might want to try CBD gummies and see if they can provide you with the type of relief you’re looking for. Both types of gummies are now widely available and easy to access.

It’s important to note, however, that CBD gummies can only do so much. Much of the therapeutic benefit of cannabis comes from THC. So if you’re not consuming a THC-rich product, you might not achieve the benefit you’re hoping for—especially if your condition is moderate to severe. In such cases, it might be worth considering a full-spectrum cannabis product. At Medverde, we help qualifying patients get their medical marijuana card in Miami, and similar services are available nationwide in states with a medicinal cannabis program.

So if you’re seeking relief from a chronic condition for which CBD may be indicated, start by exploring what CBD gummies can do for you. You can shop for certified organic, full-spectrum CBD gummies from our online store. If the results aren’t what you were hoping for, consider the benefits of whole-plant cannabis. You might be amazed by the benefits.