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Persistent health conditions require practical and specialized treatment—something your run-of-the-mill medication can’t always provide. Thanks to the gift of nature that is marijuana, you can bid goodbye to all your health-related worries. Educate yourself on the medical properties of marijuana and CBD to discern if medical marijuana is the right choice for you.

Who We Are

Founded by Dr. Ann-Marie Wong (MD), Medverde aims to provide relief to patients in Florida suffering from various conditions including chronic pain, mental health, and more. We specialize in women’s health, pediatric medical marijuana, and other common medical areas to help people find relief when traditional pharmaceuticals and medicines have failed them. As of late, scientific studies of medical marijuana have shown promising results in the treatment of a variety of ailments and illnesses by helping to ease symptoms. Residents of the State of Florida can now obtain 100% legal medical recommendations to treat various qualifying conditions.

Take the Initiative

Read the latest posts from Dr. Wong and other experts at Medverde covering a variety of ways you can use marijuana and CBD to combat your unique health issues. You will find resources here to help you along your medical marijuana journey. Get started by educating yourself and we will help you every step of the way to find the relief you deserve!